Welcome to my website, current and potential students! 

I'm a local guitar instructor in the Capital Region specializing in Rock, Blues, and Jazz.

I also teach classes on various subjects such as:  Music Theory, Guitar Maintenance, and Effects Pedals.

I teach in North Greenbush (Corner of Rt 4 & 43) at:

Rocky's Music Studio

If you're interested in potentially signing up for lessons, simply click the "Registration" link on the left hand side. I'll be in touch and we'll look into setting up a time for you and/or your son or daughter. In the mean time, feel free to browse around the site to get to know a little more about me, my policy, and my teaching philosophy.

Education vs. Fun...are they mutually exclusive? 

The short answer to this question is "No."

Lessons can and should be both educational and fun at the same time. On the one hand, you should be learning music theory, proper technique, training your ear, learning how to read music, scales, etc. Aquired skills such as these allow musicians to express themselves more fully and understand and appreciate the music they enjoy on a deeper level. They also allow a musician  to learn to play the music they enjoy with more fluidity and greater ease. Without learning or sharpening some of these skills as you go along, you will often feel "stuck" or "in a rut". 

However, we can't get too busy learning new skills and ideas and forget that playing music and learning an instrument is supposed to be enjoyable and fun. We need to apply the skills we are learning and to focus on learning or creating music that we really enjoy. Without making time for these kinds of activities, we can quickly become bored or even stressed out. 

It's not just about "fun" or just "education". It's about both. Lessons shouldn't be thirty minutes of boring torture just working on skills. At the same time, lessons shouldn't be devoted to learning just songs. It's about balance, about walking out of your lesson feeling like you've just learned something new that you can apply while having fun doing it.

In my lessons, I seek to give you and/or your son, or daughter a good education, but not at the expense of having fun. It's important to learn to read music and not just TAB. But it's also important to play your favorite songs if that's what is most fun and enjoyable to you. 

I look forward to meeting with you!

Mike Ward - Guitar Instructor

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