Below is a list of many of the books I regularly use in lessons with students. They are all terrific books that I highly recommend! 

Chord Method Book 1 - Ed Wasilewski 

Chord Method Book 2 - Ed Wasilewski

Alfred's Teach Yourself to Read Music for Guitar - Dan Fox

Music Reading for the Guitar - David Oakes

Soloing Strategies for Guitar - Tom Kolb

Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar - Troy Stetina

The Versatile Jazz Guitarist - Richard Amster

Guitar Fretboard Workbook - Barrett Tagliarino

Advanced Modern Rock Guitar Improvisation - Jon Finn

Contemporary Travis Picking - Mark Hanson

Fingerstyle Guitar - Mark Hanson

The Real Book

Blues Rhythm Guitar - Keith Wyatt

Kids Guitar Course Complete - Manus/Harnsberger